GIVEAWAY: More Than A Nut Milk Bag & Recipe Collection


I am really excited to announce my very first giveaway on this blog!

My friend Joey ordered “More Than a Nut Milk Bag” after reading my post about making macadamia nut cheese. He told Brenda, the creator of these amazing nut milk bags, that I was the one who referred him. She sent me a lovely note and we became instant friends.

Back in my course, there was an entire section on raw gastronomy. I guess it would be funny to call it cooking. That is when I learned how to make the macadamia nut cheese, the key to which is to use a nut milk bag in order to set the cheese. After meeting Brenda and revisiting her site, I decided to order her Recipe Collection. Perhaps it was time to branch out and see what else I could make.

When it arrived, to my surprise, there was not one but two cookbooks (which come with a 3-bag pack of nut milk bags,) one 3-bag pack, and two 1-bag packs! Brenda offered these to me out of the goodness of her heart to share with you all. That’s 4 items, my friends!

I have already raved about the nut milk bags and now I have to say that this little book is fantastic. Brenda is very encouraging and straight forward and there are recipes for nut milks (obvious!), cheese, and other “rawsome creations.” Now you can join in on the culinary fun!

Send me an email by end of day Friday, March 7th and tell me whyย YOU should be the new owner of the cookbook and the bags. I will pick 4 people and send you your new kitchen tools! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: More Than A Nut Milk Bag & Recipe Collection

  1. I would love to start making my own vegan nut cheeses. I have not tried this yet, but have sampled others’. It is so hard to find tasty vegan cheese!

  2. when you make your own, it is a whole new world. i prefer my own cooking now even to the most fancy vegan restaurants!! but the key to great vegan cheese is the probiotic. i used to just use lemon juice, but the probiotic gives it a super extra special tang and really makes the cheese delicious!

  3. Hi Lisa , It’s amazing the twists and turns a life can take ! I’m devoted to your blog …..I stuck my toe in the vegan waters slowly a little more than 2 years ago ……giving up animal meat was easy for me , but the dairy was a bit more challenging at the time …..but I did it. My motivation was my health , but now I couldn’t imagine , loving and respecting life the way I do , living any other way . I was never much of a cook until this part of my life… ex husband always criticized and actually would adjust my dishes mid cooking… that’s how it went.. Since meeting you, and Chloe’s kitchen and forks over knives …..I’ve become a cook ….and a damn good one. Lol at least that’s what I’m told…..I’ve changed all if my eating habits and I’m trying to impart as much of my knowledge as I can to my son and his wife and my beautiful grandson …..they are a tough sell !! My girls have taught me….I just had a fermenting crock pot delivered. I’m excited to try new things and I would love to try the nut bags as well….thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope your family is well ! Peace and love Jolie

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