CSA 2013 Week #10


I love picking up the CSA on Saturday and having company on Sunday. We have been eating the tomatoes like candy but we will be having a big salad with the rest, plus roasted beets and blue potato chips.

I have to admit that celery is one of my least favorite vegetables. This celery is dark green and really thin and doesn’t have such a strong celery flavor. So, I am also going to make my chickpea salad for tomorrow and the celery will be a perfect addition. Maybe celery soup too? And the onion, garlic and ong choy will be stir fried with tofu at some point this week.

1 head Green Romaine Lettuce
1 quart Cherry Tomatoes
1 bunch Beets
2 lbs. All Blue Potatoes
1 pc. bulb Onion
1 head Celery
1 bulb Garlic
1 bunch Ong Choy

1/2 peck peaches
1/2 peck donut peaches

2 thoughts on “CSA 2013 Week #10

  1. Funny. Celery is also one of my least favorite vegetables, i.e., I wouldn’t eat it on its own even dipping in sauces. However, I use it to make a vegetable stock or soup. So celery soup sounds good!

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