How to Make a Flax “Egg”


I use flax “eggs” in a lot of my recipes: for cookies, cakes, pancakes, burgers, and more. Once the ground flax is whisked up with water, and it sits for a few minutes, the mixture takes on a gelatinous consistency that works to keep together whatever it is I am making.

I like to use organic fine milled golden flaxseed (and not just for flax eggs but for my shake-y shakes too.) My preferred brand is Beveri.


1 flax “egg” = 1 tablespoon of ground flax + 3 tablespoons water

Place the ground flax in a small bowl and add the water. Whisk with a fork, just like you would an egg.


 After a few minutes, the mixture will become super gooey and gelatinous.


That’s the deal. Super easy and healthy too. High in fiber, Omega-3s and lignans. No artery clogging cholesterol. Why would anyone use anything else?

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