Taste Test: Kate Bakes Bars

I found Kate Bakes Vegan Bars on – where else? – Facebook! Kate is a vegan baker in the Washington DC area and she bakes delicious, soft, chewy, healthy, organic gluten- free, vegan bars! Woo hoo! Are they as good as they sound? Yes!


Now, anyone who knows me knows that I always have bars in my bag because I never want to be in a situation where I am hungry and I don’t have anything to eat. If that is the case, I end up eating something from a convenience store and while it may be vegan (like Fritos, for example), it is not an ideal snack. So, I am always looking for new alternatives and Kate has come up with a good one!

The bars come in three flavors: chocolate coffee, banana cinnamon oatmeal, and sunflower butter raisin. I held a taste test yesterday midday when three of us were ready for an afternoon snack. We all tasted all three flavors. 

Our general impressions: crispy, chewy, mellow, not-too-sweet, filling but not overwhelmingly so, and tasty. As far as the flavors go, all three of us had a different favorite.

For me, it was the banana cinnamon oatmeal. The banana flavor was just perfect, not overwhelming but fresh and flavorful. Usually, I wouldn’t choose something that says cinnamon on the label (I just don’t like cinnamon, ok?!) for fear it would override all of the other flavors. Luckily, in this case, it did not.

For my husband, it was the sunflower butter raisin. He just loves raisins and this combo worked great for him.

For our friend Billy, it was the chocolate coffee. Neither my husband nor I liked the coffee one but neither of us are coffee drinkers. Billy on the other hand loved it and ate  both of our portions too.

Overall, we give these organic vegan bars two thumbs up! Support a vegan baker and order some today.

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