It’s my blogiversary!

Two years ago today, I started this blog at the suggestion of an old friend from high school. What started out as a way to record my recipes has turned into a lifestyle. I love coming up with new things to make for my family. I love testing myself to see if I can make something that seems too difficult. And I love the feedback I have gotten from friends, family, fellow bloggers, foodies, and vegan foodies.

The truth is I love my own cooking! It is fun and rewarding to create something that tastes good and goes over well with whomever I am cooking for. Here are some things I have learned over the last two years:

1. Anyone can pretty much make anything they set their mind to and I am proof. See…my entire blog!

2. Some ingredients are not immediately pleasing to the palate. It takes time to develop a taste for certain foods and the reason why it’s challenging now is because we don’t remember developing our tastes in the first place.

3. Plan ahead. Have an idea of what you are going to make during the week so the ingredients are on hand. Alternatively, buy enough fresh vegetables for the week and ensure you have rice, beans, tofu and tempeh in the house and a meal can be made in no time.

4. Save big cooking projects and experimental ideas for the weekend, when there is more time. Don’t get upset if something doesn’t work. It is inevitable that there will be some kitchen failures when perfecting the perfect whatever.

5. Get your family involved, especially the kids. If they make it they are more likely to eat it. My son loves to tell everyone about his cooking adventures with Mommy and there are many opportunities to teach.

6. “ABS – always be soaking,” says Isa from Brilliant advice. When thinking ahead about what you want to be making for the week, soak nuts and beans so they are ready for cooking or processing.

7. You can be more creative than you think! Remember the flavors of your favorite meals and use them in your vegan versions.

8. Some things just can’t be veganized. And that is ok! Let it go.

9. A little green flair for garnish, like parsley, cilantro, or scallions, makes any dish look extra special.

10. Short grain brown rice is best.

11. I have not bought vegetable stock since I started making my own.

12. Salt every layer of your cooking.

13. Food is medicine. Food is love.

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