Crispy Gnocchi

I always have my homemade gnocchi in my freezer. Usually, I boil them up, heat up sauce, and voila, dinner is ready in 5 minutes. Sometimes I crisp them up in a skillet as a fun alternative. Today we went to check on my house after Hurricane Sandy and there was no power, so I brought the whole bag of gnocchi back to the city. It was essentially a clump of defrosted gnocchi (except for the 2 that escaped for this picture) but they crisped up really well. Think about it, fried gnocchi. Delicious!

Olive oil

If the gnocchi are still frozen, boil them for a minute until they float to the top. Heat up the olive oil in a non-skillet. Drain the gnocchi and turn them right into the skillet (or just put them right in if they are defrosted.) Don’t touch them, just let them get really done. Sprinkle with salt. Enjoy!

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