Lisa’s Personal Lunch Pasta

My husband does not like one ingredient (well, except for the pasta) in this dish, which is why I make it for myself for lunch. This is not really a recipe so I am not showing measurements because I make as much as I want!

Asparagus spears
Grape tomatoes
Olive oil
S and P, to taste

Get the pasta going and cook til just al dente.

Heat up olive oil. Slice the mushrooms and place them into the pan. Do not salt them yet! Let them get nice and browned, stirring occasionally. Break off the bottom of the asparagus spears, chop them, and add them into the mushrooms, cooking for a minute until they turn bright green. Slice the tomatoes and add them into the mushrooms and asparagus and cook on low just until the tomatoes are heated through and the pasta is ready.

Add the pasta into the vegetables and season with salt and pepper. Add a touch of pasta water and let the pasta cook for another minute more.

Eat and enjoy!

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