Why is our country so sick?

We watched the presidential debate last week and there was a great deal of discussion about Medicare, insurance costs, and prescription drug coverage. There was talk of Obamacare and Medicare and all of the money that medications cost and what each candidate’s plan was going to cost people. They both kept saying over and over that seniors are on medication and they are worried about their prescriptions.

I started to think to myself: is everyone on medication? What medications are they on that they need to take them every day? I know there are some really sick people out there but what is everybody else taking? Blood pressure medication? Cholesterol medication? Antacid drugs? Water pills? Diabetes medications?

I am so bewildered by the idea of taking medication every single day. I don’t even take vitamin supplements anymore as I have come to believe that they more harmful than helpful. Many of the issues that people are struggling with, like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers have been proven to be treated, prevented and reversed with a simple solution: a vegan, plant-based diet. It is simple and inexpensive. There are no insurance premiums, no claims to file, no government intervention.

Take a look at this post about my favorite vegan doctors and read some of their books if you want to know more about how a vegan lifestyle is your ticket to health, regardless of who you vote for.

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