CSA Week #15

A very green haul, except for the gorgeous purple, yellow and orange carrots!

1 bunch multi-color carrots
2 acorn winter squash
1 green fall cabbage
1 bunch summer spinach
2 green peppers
1 bunch mint
1 bunch garlic chives

I prepped the carrots for roasted carrot coins. Acorn squash will be roasted and made into soup. Cabbage will be sautéed with bok choy, broccoli and tofu.

Summer spinach will be blanched and frozen. Green peppers will go into a salad.

Mint will be used for quinoa tabbouleh and Candle 79’s Coconut-Mint Frappe and I will freeze the rest.

Garlic chives? No clue. This will require some research.

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