CSA Week #13

I’m back in the CSA this week. Afew things I have learned from this experience so far:
1) almost anything can be frozen
2) prep and cook on the first day of the CSA and eat asap or freeze immediately
2) it is nice to eat seasonal, fresh-from-the-farm food
3) fresh-from-the-farm food doesn’t always look perfect, but actually is perfect (a good life lesson, in general).

Vegetable Share
1 butternut winter squash
3 heads of broccoli
3 red peppers
2 shallots
4 lbs. golden beets
2 lbs. tomatoes

Fruit Share
4 donut peaches
6 peaches
4 plums

The plan:

I have lots of butternut squash recipes on the blog but this week it will be butternut squash risotto.

I steamed and cold shocked the broccoli for dinner tonight and put the rest in a ziploc to freeze for school lunches or soup.

I roasted the red peppers and the big beets. The little beets will be sautéed with the shallots later in the week.

The roasted red peppers went into my hummus recipe and I cut the beets and topped them with dill that I froze from CSA Week #6.

Finally, my friend Cindy told me a great way to store tomatoes. Make an “x” in the bottom of the tomato and steam for about 10 minutes. Peel, chop and freeze in a ziploc. Summer tomatoes for the winter. Done!

I already ate a donut peach and will probably eat the rest tonight. When the regular peaches ripen, I will make my favorite peach salsa. The rest I will slice and freeze for smoothies in the winter. And the plums are perfect and will be eaten straight up!

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