CSA Week #5

I’m back from the island and I am ready to tackle the CSA. There was a little less green this week. Phew! I got a fruit share this week too. Delicious.

Vegetable Share
1 bunch scallions
1 napa cabbage
2 bunches baby red ace beets with greens
2 lbs summer squash
2 bunches parsley
6 okra

Fruit Share
1 basket blueberries
1 basket apricots
1 basket sugar plums
1 basket currants

First up: scallion pancakes. Second: blueberry chocolate bark. Beets are one of my favorite vegetables in the world, so I am psyched to have two bunches of organic beets and greens. I always have parsley on hand so I don’t think I will have any special recipes for it. I plan to use some and freeze the rest. I think there are going to be few side dishes on the horizon! Stay tuned.

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