CSA Week #3

Trying to get into the groove of the CSA.  This is the third week of the Stoneledge Farm CSA.  I am working out some new ideas for all this green stuff.  Hopefully I will wow the family this week!

2 lbs. summer squash (2 sunburst pattypans and 3 zephyrs)
12 garlic scapes
1 cucumber
1 head of red leaf lettuce
1 bunch arugula
1 bunch Bright Lights Swiss Chard
1 bunch summer spinach
1 head of escarole
1 bunch oregano

I cleaned the lettuce and made another batch of arugula & garlic scape pesto, which I froze, for the future pizza.  Tonight I made a quick tofu scramble with summer spinach and one of the zephyr squashes.  Stay tuned.

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