Surprise Chickpea Burgers & Spinach

We got home today and I was starving so I opened the refrigerator and decided on the spot to turn leftovers into lunch.  The other night I made Any Day of the Week Rice & Beans and this version had chickpeas with onions, carrots and Brussels sprouts, so that was the basis for my burgers.  A stroke of genius?  Yes, and clearly, this is my new go to lunch idea.  They were a little mushy but next time I will add some chickpea flour (or not…)

Brussels Sprouts
Sunflower oil
Spinach, a big handful
Fresh lemon juice

Make the chickpeas ahead of time as usual.  Then saute onions, carrots and Brussels sprouts in olive oil with salt.

Place mixture in food processor and process until finely chopped.  Add a tablespoon of water to moisten the mixture.

Form burgers.  Heat up sunflower oil and cook the burgers until heated through.  Drop the spinach into the same skillet and season with salt and lemon juice.  Saute until wilted.


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