Candle 79’s Herbed Potato-Leek Soup

The new Candle 79 cookbook is beautiful.  Congratulations to our friends Joy, Angel & Jorge.  All of the recipes are creative and elegant and easy too!  In fact, much easier than I thought when I first saw the book.  It just so happens, I have a lot of potatoes and leeks in the house.  What to do?  Potato-leek soup.  With all of the fresh herbs, this version is very earthy, just like the book says it will be!

Find the recipe from the book on page 34. It’s delicious!

2 thoughts on “Candle 79’s Herbed Potato-Leek Soup

  1. I'm surprised! I thought that cookbook was very complicated. I wish I had leeks right now to try the soup, because it looks very good and I just love potato and leek soups.

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