Eating Vegan in Phoenix

Everyone is asking me where we ate on our trip to Arizona.  We looked up vegan restaurants and had some great food!

Lunch at Conspire.  It is an artist collective in downtown Phoenix featureing an experimental vegan cafe, smoothie bar, a gallery space, over 2 dozen local artists, the Phoenix anarchist library and an outdoor stage.  The food was delicious, made with love by the artists.   A lot of graffiti, tattoos, and talent at Conspire.

Dinner at Green.  It is “New American Vegetarian” and it is fantastic.  The menu is influenced by different cultures and cooking styles.  There are 2 locations, we were at the one in Phoenix.  It was a cool building with lots of tables and outdoor seating.  You go up to the counter, place your order and they bring it out to you.  The “eggless” rolls were great, the small salad is gigantic, the pizza crust is perfect, the homemade pasta sauce was delicious, they use “teese” vegan cheese which is amazing.  The bowls and sammies were all tasty.  We ate there 2 nights in a row.

Dessert at Nami.  Oh my vegan goodness!  This is like an old fashioned ice cream parlour but there is nothing old fashioned about it.  Cool building next door to Green where they make their own softserve vegan ice cream that you can mix with whatever you want: pretzels, cookies, ricemellow fluff, chocolate sauce, chips, etc. etc.!  Their dessert case was filled with cakes and cookies and get this: winkies!  Better than the original.

Lunch at ChocolaTree.  We drove to Sedona and stopped at this place before our nature walk.  Totally healthy and amazing.  Some of their granolas and flatbreads can be found at Organic Avenue on the Upper East Side.  Perfect for a midday meal.   You can order their products online.

If you end up in Phoenix for some reason, check these places out!  Bon appetit!

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