Olive Oil & Basil Cubes

Need to store your basil for the winter?  Last night, my friend Lori loaded me up with a brown bag full of basil from her garden.  I made pesto this morning and froze the other half into little olive oil and basil cubes.  It is a great way to store the basil and use it during the coming months.  Just let it defrost and use however you would normally use olive oil and basil: in pesto, as a base for sauce, just over pasta…other ideas!?!

Olive oil
Ice cube tray(s)

Process the basil in the food processor briefly, just to chop it up.  Place a little into each ice cube section and then pour olive oil over to cover.  Freeze.  When they are frozen, pop them out of the tray and into a freezer safe container for easy access.  Enjoy your basil all winter!

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