Big Bowl O’ Spaghetti & Sauce

I love making my own sauce.  It comes out the same, but a little different every time!  My secret is my Foley Mill (food mill.)  It was the only gadget my mother had in her kitchen and I grew up using it to make applesauce, sauce, soup, and gravy.  When I am making this chunky-ish sauce, I use the Foley Mill to get the juice out of the tomatoes while also mashing them.  It gives the sauce great texture. If you don’t have a Foley Mill, use crushed tomatoes!

1 28 oz can whole peeled San Marzano tomatoes
1 small onion, diced
Garlic, to taste (fresh or powder)
Basil, to taste (fresh or dried)
1 package brown rice spaghetti

In a medium size sauce pot, saute the onions until translucent on medium heat.

Place the Foley Mill on top of a large mixing bowl pour the can of tomatoes right in.  “Foley” the tomatoes until you can’t “Foley” them anymore.

After about 7 minutes, add the garlic and basil.  Saute for a minute or so and then add the tomato sauce and chunks.

Bring to a boil and let it simmer on low for as long as you can.

Boil up a package of spaghetti.  When it is done, strain and it pour it directly into the sauce.  Mix it up and serve.

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